4 Common DIY Auto Repairs That May Be Better Off Left To Professionals

It’s no doubt that your car is a valuable piece of machinery. With the terrible economic climate, more and more people are trying their hand at repairing their own cars. This is a great thing! People are becoming more independent and don’t end up breaking the bank at shops for every little problem. However, it isn’t very uncommon for people to try to repair their own car and end up completely in over their head. While repairing your car can be a great idea, there are still some common repairs that are better off left to professionals. This can prevent further damage to your car and save you money in the long run.

1. Getting A New Paint Job: Whether there are a few spots on your car that need some touch up paint or you just want to give your car a new paint job altogether, paint jobs are best left to those who paint cars for a living. Painting a car is not the same as painting a house. It requires a lot of precision and patience to get the paint job just right. An inexperienced person trying to paint their car is going to walk away with awful results. Plus, there’s a reason why professionals paint cars in those sealed rooms: They are dust free. Not having access to a dust free booth while painting will leave you with a terrible looking paint job.

2. Repairing An Air-Conditioner: Fixing your air-conditioner can amount to a lot more than changing some Freon. The A/C system is very high tech and involves a lot of understanding of how it works. There are a bunch of tubes and components that are connected to the computer. Everything is extremely specific. If you don’t know exactly how the A/C system works, you would probably be smart to just leave it alone. No one wants to drive without A/C during a hot summer.

3. Repairing Factory Car Stereo Systems: While you may have been able to repair the stereo system 20 years ago, things have changed quite a bit. Newer car stereo systems have become a lot more advanced and complicated. Things are connected to computers and stereo systems have a lot more functionality these days. A lot of cars have their stereo system connected to the navigation system. Fiddling with all of these different electronics will probably just leave with an entire system that doesn’t even work. Good thing there are professionals who specialize in repairing factory car stereos!

4. Oil Changes: While there aren’t any huge dangers in changing your own oil, it simply isn’t worth the hassle. A lot of people will tell you that you save a ton of money by changing your own oil. However, most shops get oil in bulk. The price differential is modest at best. It doesn’t save a lot of money when you do it yourself and you’re the one doing all of the work. Changing the oil is messy and not usually an option if you don’t have your own garage. All in all, unless you enjoy doing it, there’s no real reason to change your own oil. You don’t save a lot of money and an expert will always do a better job than you will.

Saving money is always a good thing. Wanting you repair your own car is perfectly natural. However, if you don’t want to have to keep repairing your car, it’s important to know your limits. Sometimes, professional help is the best way to go.