4 Crafty Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You To Follow Your Dreams

Some very creative people have been using the website Etsy to launch their own businesses. People like Katrina Gordon and Amy Stringer-Mowat found ways to create a brand with businesses that began at home while being busy with work and children. These women offer a source of inspiration and hope for crafters and jewelry designers all over the world.

Beth Orduna

Beth is from Mexico and uses nature to draw attention to her art and jewelry. She uses simple yet defined techniques that have now become fashion statements in the jewelry industry. She uses what is called a wabi-sabi technique; this technique combines the eye catching elements called “bling” with natural and even old items like cloth or colorful stones. Beth offers her own version of ying-yang when it comes to jewelry and art.

Stacey Effman

In just two short years, Stacey went from working part-time in her Etsy shop, Kind Label, to working full time because business has increased so much. Stacey created her company as a backup to her day job in business administration. She tried to sell her custom silk-screened t-shirts and tank tops on another website but ended up losing money until she found out about Etsy. Her business has not stopped growing since the switch in 2011. Her custom clothing offers customers an inspiring piece of art instead of just another t-shirt.

Amy Stringer-Mowat

Amy began in the same way as Stacey Effman, by dabbling in her creative ideas before she was laid off from work. Amy was in the midst of planning her wedding and used her architect background to design state shaped cutting boards. After the wedding, she posted the cutting boards on Etsy and her business went through the roof with orders. People really liked the novel idea and it has been non-stop ever since. She now needs to find a way to slow down so she can make time for the new addition to her family. Amy has been featured in U.S. News online and several magazines for her unique ideas and quick transition between being laid off and working full time again. Amy’s store is now one of the most prosperous businesses on Etsy.

Katrina Gordon

Katrina had no intention of starting her own business. She learned to crochet from her aunt Carol and she made handmade cards for special occasions. Her crafts were gifts and a hobby. One day her husband commented that she should sell her work. She says that it was never the same afterwards. She sold one item on Etsy and began her career as a popular wedding bouquet designer and card maker. She now sells items in her online store and in local markets and shops in the town where she lives.

None of the designers featured were planning to open their own business. It was an afterthought or perhaps an idea for later in life when retirement was closer. All of the women have developed their brand through hard work, determination, practice, and networking with others who have their own businesses. They chose to follow their creative side and work on making a small living when circumstances warranted. Reading about these women offers a source of inspiration for the thousands of stay-at-home moms, busy executives, or budding college students because of the possibilities.