5 Festive Holiday Craft Ideas That Will Wow Your Friends

Making your own festive holiday crafts is rewarding and fun. It all starts with a creative idea and a colorful imagination. If you need a little help, here are five festive craft ideas that are sure to wow your friends.

1. Flocked Snowflake Wreath

This snowflake wreath is made from five winter greenery branch picks. Spray paint the tips of each branch with faux snow. Arrange the branches in a snowflake shape by putting two branches on each side, and one on the top and bottom. Attach the branches from the back with florist wire. Glue pine cones to the center and edges of your snowflake with a glue gun.

Hang this charming snowflake wreath on your front door or in the entryway of your home to impress your guests. Enhance your snowflake wreath by spraying it with an evergreen potpourri scent.

2. Monogrammed Holiday Wreath

Personalized décor is always popular. Make a lovely monogrammed holiday wreath for your home. Glue red berries on the front and sides of a large paper mache letter that represents either your last or first name. Glue a variety of round ornaments throughout the front of your letter.

Creatively display this letter wreath by hanging it on the front of a large mirror. You could also make small versions of this letter wreath, and use them as ornaments for decorating your tree or garlands.

3. Holiday Chalkboard Sign

Paint a decorative piece of wood with blackboard paint. Stencil or write a holiday saying on the center of it. Glue holiday ribbon around the edges of the sign for added beauty.

This sign would look stunning leaning against a fireplace mantel wall with a decorative garland placed in front of it. You could also use this sign to write your holiday menu on it. Hang your menu sign in the dining room where your dinner guests can see it.

4. Glitter Branch Centerpiece

Gather a few branches from outside. In a well ventilated room, spray your first branch with a glue spray. Sprinkle tiny crystal beads and glitter over the branch until it’s completely covered. Lay it on a newspaper to dry. Repeat this step for the remaining branches.

There are so many ways you can use these beautiful branches. Display your magical branches in a fancy vase with a metallic ribbon tied around the center of it. This holiday centerpiece will be the standout décor piece in any room it’s displayed in.

5. Mason Jar Luminary

Put either a string of battery-operated lights or a flameless candle inside a mason jar. If you use a string of lights, make sure the switch is accessible so you can turn them on and off at your convenience. Decorate the inside of your jar with frosted pine cones and greenery picks. Tie a piece of raffia around the rim of the jar.

Display a group of these festive luminaries together on a shelf, table or window sill for a stunning holiday display. These luminaires would also look lovely displayed on a covered porch.

Whether you give these festive crafts as gifts or you display them throughout your home, you can proudly take credit for creating these stunning homemade pieces.