How To Create Your Home-Made Security System

There was a time when people could go into town to do some errands without fear of returning to a ransacked home filled with disheveled drawers and upside down furniture. Theft and burglary are crimes that have been a nuisance to society since the beginning of time, however. The rise of crime in recent decades has spawned a backlash of technological savvy home security equipment that rely on security codes to protect all the nervous nellies out there. Although nothing should keep you from checking in with your local home security company (preferably a ADT Authorized dealer) , we have some ideas that can help. Here are some alternative home-made security systems to consider that are not only more affordable and effective, but may also save your life.

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but not if you’re wearing a ski mask at two o’clock in the morning climbing the fence of foreign territory to meet a sweaty-toothed pot-bellied pit bull. Guard dogs are excellent home security systems because they’re an alarm and a weapon wrapped up in one package. Their first reaction, barking, wakes up the homeowner and lets him or her know that there is trouble. This gives the homeowner time to react and if the intruder makes a move, the dog will attack.

Another effective home-made security system is a booby trap mechanism. These can be made from household items and are relatively harmless. For example, an intruder can be temporarily blinded with just a bucket, black paint, and string. First, pour black paint into a large bucket. Second, tie the string from the bucket handle to a latch or doorknob. When a burglar opens the door, the bucket will spill, unleashing gallons of paint on his head and over his eyes. This will distract him long enough for you to defend yourself.

Don’t know what to do with that leftover gum that’s lost its flavor? Gum can even serve as a wonderful home-based security system. Simply find a piece of thin board approximately four by two feet in length and align one side with wet gum. Nail the board to the floor in the walkway of the front entrance. For added protection, you should probably make multiples of these and place them under each entrance into the house, including windows. Camouflage these as much as possible to blend with the rest of the home. When the intruder walks in, he will step on the gum, rendering him paralyzed and helpless.

Finally, you can make use of some more household items to protect against those annoying bandits. Before leaving your house or going to bed, gather as many marbles as you can and place them about an inch apart in front of the entrances of the home. If you have carpet, find a flat wooden surface that will hold the marbles to place in front of the door. When the burglar steps on the marbles, he will trip and fall.

With all of the fancy high tech security systems out there, it’s easy to forget that the best security defenses are those that are literally lying around the house. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in a state of the art alarm system the next time you hear a bump in the night, consider these low-cost yet efficient options.