Get Ready to Transform Your Old Dresser into a Classy Vanity

You’ve just finished pricing new bathroom vanities, and you’re still reeling from sticker shock. And then you look at your somewhat timeworn dresser and think, “Could I make that into a vanity?” Yes, it’s just crazy enough to work!

In fact, you can create a unique diy vanity that will fit your bathroom decor perfectly. If you don’t already have an old dresser, you can find one in a thrift store or on the internet.

You can make the vanity look pretty much any way you want. You can install double sinks. You can add a marble, granite, glass or any other top that you like. You can paint or stain the dresser and replace the knobs. You can add towel bars to the vanity and place a backsplash behind it. You can pick out fixtures that go with the look of your bathroom.
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You might find a dresser that you’d like to use, because it’s just the right size. But it has a modern look and your home decor is more traditional. You can distress the dresser, which is easy and doesn’t require nasty chemicals. You’ll need two colors of paint. Paint the dresser with one color and let it dry completely. Then paint the dresser with the other color and, when it’s nearly dry, go over it with a damp cloth. It’ll look nicely old and worn. Finish it off with some antique-looking brass handles and fixtures.

On the other hand, if you want that clean, modern look, you can paint your dresser all white; glossy paint is especially good for this. Add straight metal handles and legs, and streamlined fixtures. Install a white marble top and maybe even a vessel sink.

Another advantage of the dresser-turned-vanity is that it can have a lot of drawer space, even though the sink is in the top drawer. A large traditional dresser will still give you more storage space than a modern vanity.

When you’re shopping for a dresser, look for one that’s about 36″ tall, which is a comfortable height for most people. If you need to, you can add legs or replace the legs that are on it.

Here are some tips for installing your vanity:

Place the sink on the vanity where you want it to be. Push it against the backsplash and draw its outline on the vanity. Cut the hole for the sink 1/2″ inside the line. If you’re installing a top, have the retailer cut the sink hole in it.
Measure the height of the plumbing in the wall, then mark the same measurement on the back of the vanity. Cut out the holes.
Install the fixtures in the sink.
Remove the top drawer. Put caulk around the sink hole and install the sink. Then hook up the drain and water lines.
Remove the front piece of the top drawer, and re-install it on the vanity to hide the sink.

If pipes confuse you and your strong suit is decorating, you can have a plumber do the installation, though. Whether you’re adding it to your existing bathroom or it’s part of a complete renovation, your diy dresser vanity is still creative and totally awesome!